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Whistleblower Earns $3.7M Reward in Company’s $22.2M Settlement for Customs Fraud

An industrial manufacturer employee was awarded $3.7 million for informing the U.S. Department of Justice about a scheme to cheat the government out of import duties on underpriced goods. On September 25, 2020, the Justice Department announced that Linde GmbH and its U.S. subsidiary Linde Engineering North America LLC (“LENA”), had agreed to pay about $22.2 million to resolve False Claims Act allegations stemming from deliberate, false...


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  • Expert Answers to New York Whistleblower’s FAQs

    What Is A Whistleblower Case? Individuals with original information about fraud against the government can file a whistleblower case under the appropriate whistleblower legislation. A whistleblower case may arise in a variety of industries. The claimant is entitled to a share of any...