The DOD Whistleblower

8 Step Guide to Reporting Fraud and Claiming Rewards

Are You a Whistleblower Eligible to Earn a Cash Reward for Spotlighting Fraud in the Performance of Department of Defense Contracts?

Under the federal False Claims Act (FCA), engineers, mechanics, IT professionals, and other defense contractors, subcontractors, or government grant recipient employees are urged to report knowledge of fraud, waste, and abuse of government funds.

When a defense contract whistleblower’s information on False Claims Act violations leads to the recovery of government funds, the whistleblower is eligible to collect between 15% and 30% of the total recovery amount. Whistleblowers who properly report FCA violations are also granted legal protections from employer retaliation, including demotion, termination, harassment or similar actions.

The DOD Whistleblower

What's in the eBook?

  • Federal Whistleblower
    Rules & Process
  • Common DOD Contractor
    FCA Violations
  • Evidence You
    Will Need
  • Tips for a
    Successful Claim
  • How to Claim
    a Cash Award
  • Employee Retaliation
“Defense contractors and subcontractors often have policies in place that require employees to report concerns about potential misconduct internally. These policies may outline a specific internal reporting system. Never begin the internal reporting process without speaking to your lawyer first.
An experienced defense contract whistleblower lawyer will advise you on how to proceed in a way that protects your rights as an employee and as an FCA whistleblower.”

The FCA Defense Contract Whistleblower’s Guide to

Reporting Fraud and Maximizing Your Cash Award.

  • 1
    Program Overviews

    How to select the
    proper whistleblower

  • 2
    Evidence Needs

    Identifying what
    evidence you need & how
    to protect your claim

  • 3
    The Process

    Navigating the
    whistleblower claims

  • 4
    Cash Rewards

    How to
    maximize your
    cash award

Learn the Process, Pitfalls & Potential