The Medicare Whistleblower

10 Step Guide to Reporting Healthcare Fraud & Earning a Reward

Are You a Healthcare Professional with Information about Medicare Fraud?

Whistleblowers May Be Eligible for Sizeable Cash Awards

Fraud causes federal programs to go further into the red every year, jeopardizing care for current and future recipients. If the federal government is going to keep its promise to taxpayers and beneficiaries of these critically important programs, the Department of Justice must make offenders pay for fraudulent activity. But the DoJ is powerless unless honest citizens like you step forward to provide inside information on fraud schemes. Don’t let fraud shred the healthcare safety net upon which the poor, elderly, and our military depend.

If you have such information, you can provide an important public service by helping to eliminate fraud, earn a reward of 15 to 30 percent of the government’s recovery in your case, and protect yourself from any retaliation on the job.

The Medicare Whistleblower

What's in the eBook?

  • Federal Whistleblower
    Rules & Process
  • Qui Tam
    Lawsuits Overview
  • How to Claim
    a Cash Award
  • 10 Steps for
    Reporting Healthcare Fraud
“When it comes to whistleblowing, preparation is key. That preparation has to take place under deep cover. You want to be trusted so you can have access to the documentary evidence you need to make your case.”

The Healthcare Professionals’ Whistleblower Guide to

Reporting Fraud and Maximizing Your Cash Award.

  • 1
    Program Overviews

    How to select the
    proper whistleblower

  • 2
    Evidence Needs

    Identifying what
    evidence you need & how
    to protect your claim

  • 3
    The Process

    Navigating the
    whistleblower claims

  • 4
    Cash Rewards

    How to
    maximize your
    cash award

Learn the Process, Pitfalls & Potential