The False Claims Act

The Qui Tam Whistleblower

10 Step Guide to Reporting Fraud for False Claims Act Rewards

Are You a Whistleblower Eligible to Earn a Cash Reward for Revealing Fraud & Abuse Against The U.S. Government?

How often have you heard Congress promise they would cut the budget deficit by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse? Yet fraud continues to eat away at agency budgets, services suffer, and the deficit grows. The simple truth is: Congress cannot solve the problem without the help of honest citizens with inside information about illegal practices.

If you have such information, you can provide an important public service by helping to eliminate fraud, earn a reward of 15 to 30 percent of the government’s recovery in your case, and protect yourself from any retaliation on the job.

The Qui Tam Whistleblower

What's in the eBook?

  • Federal Whistleblower
    Rules & Process
  • Tips for a
    Successful Claim
  • How to Claim
    a Cash Award
  • Employee
    Retaliation Protection
  • 10 Steps for
    Filing Your Claim
“If you work for a company that contracts with the government, you probably got into your profession out of a desire to serve. It can’t feel right to be helping yourself at others’ expense. Of course, you may feel constrained by loyalty to your employer, but when you took the job, were you volunteering to be part of a criminal conspiracy?”

The Corporate Whistleblower’s Guide to

Reporting Fraud and Maximizing Your Cash Award.

  • 1
    Program Overviews

    How to select the
    proper whistleblower

  • 2
    Evidence Needs

    Identifying what
    evidence you need & how
    to protect your claim

  • 3
    The Process

    Navigating the
    whistleblower claims

  • 4
    Cash Rewards

    How to
    maximize your
    cash award

Learn the Process, Pitfalls & Potential