The SEC Whistleblower

10 Step Guide to Reporting and Rewards

Do You Have Information About Financial or Reporting Misconduct of a Public Company?

Whistleblowers May be Eligible for a Cash Reward

The Securities and Exchange Commission is the federal government agency regulating trading on the various U.S. stock exchanges. Its mission is to ensure that investors meet on a level playing field, that trading is honest, and that crooked individuals or companies do not manipulate the process for personal gain.

If you are a company insider with unique knowledge of wrongdoing, you need to know about the SEC Whistleblower Program. This short guide explains what you need to know about filing a claim and obtaining a sizeable reward. In just 10 easy steps, you can strike a blow for justice and earn more in a few short months than you could have in your entire career, all while protecting your anonymity and job.

The SEC Whistleblower

What's in the eBook?

  • SEC Whistleblower
  • The Reporting Process
  • Tips for a
    Successful Claim
  • 10 Steps for
    Filing Your Claim
  • How to Get a
    Cash Reward
“Being a whistleblower is, for all intents and purposes, an undercover operation. So, you’ve got to keep a low profile. If you’ve raised objections to company practices in the past, you want to give the impression you’ve reconciled yourself to the situation. This doesn’t require a big production, which probably would come off as disingenuous. But a muted, ‘Whatever, it is what it is,’ can go a long way.”

The SEC Whistleblowers’ Guide to

Reporting Fraud and Maximizing Your Cash Award.

  • 1
    Program Overviews

    How to select the
    proper whistleblower

  • 2
    Evidence Needs

    Identifying what
    evidence you need & how
    to protect your claim

  • 3
    The Process

    Navigating the
    whistleblower claims

  • 4
    Cash Rewards

    How to
    maximize your
    cash award

Learn the Process, Pitfalls & Potential