A New Yorker's Step by Step Guide

Are You A Whistleblower Eligible to Earn a
Cash Award for Exposing Individual or Company Fraud & Violations?

If you suspect an individual or organization is involved in government contract fraud, securities violations, health care fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, cybersecurity breaches, or other forms of misconduct, you’re facing some challenging decisions.

Whistleblowers: A New Yorker’s Step By Step Guide offers an inside look at protecting yourself from retaliation, maximizing your cash award, and ensuring a bulletproof case right from the start.

Whistleblowers by Halperin, Bikel, and Mahany

What's in the eBook?

  • Federal Whistleblower
    Program & Process
  • NYS Whistleblower
    Legislation &
    Federal Protections
  • How are
  • Common Types
    of Fraud &
    How to Report It
  • Tips on Gathering
    Evidence for
    Your Claim
  • 8 Steps to a
    Whistleblower Claim
  • Avoiding 7 Common
“Blowing the whistle on an employer or other entity can be daunting, but whistleblower laws offer job protections, identity safeguards, and large cash rewards. If you want to stop misconduct, activate your legal protections, and receive a significant cash award, filing a whistleblower claim is the right move.”

A New Yorker's Step by Step Guide To

Assuring and maximizing your cash award.

  • 1
    Program Overviews

    How to select the
    proper whistleblower

  • 2
    Evidence Needs

    Identifying what
    evidence you need & how
    to protect your claim

  • 3
    The Process

    Navigating the
    whistleblower claims

  • 4
    Cash Rewards

    How to
    maximize your
    cash award

Learn the Process, Pitfalls & Potential